About Us


Our Story

Untapped Connectivity is a forward thinking business built by young enthusiastic people driven to better a space/industry they believed was forever growing, motivating and challenging them to pivot & inspire. Together, we at Untapped have focused on creating a business that has allowed us to stand out above the rest. We are more accurate in our offering and certain in our service. We have strived to focus on markets that are making a difference and in becoming leaders in connectivity & automation. We believe in the future & a happy place for us all.

What We Offer

Access to all Fibre Networks

Ability to scan & compare fibre prices from many providers across the country at any address using fibre, LTE and other resources to provide connectivity.

Secure telecommuncations

Creating accurate solutions with trained individuals who have partners with secure networks to ensure stability & clear communication channels.

Solar Solutionists

Partnered with the words leading solar manufacturers and teams spread across South Africa we believe Solar Energy is in massive demand in the commercial sector as load shedding & high prices continue to disfavour many businesses. We at Untapped are pushing all resources to grow in this space & support the massive demand for change in this world.

Our Expert Team

Lloyd Matthew

Sales Director

Nicholas Avnit

Operations Director

Unbeatable Fibre Pricing